Wednesday, September 08, 2010

"GrassGate" Envelops District 25

The Kosair Shrine Circus isn't until February, but you can catch the dazzling act of Louisville's Main Clown just by checking your inbox.  Metro Councilman Doug Hawkins (R-25) sent out an email a few days ago in an attempt to churn up some manufactured outrage over unmowed grass along 3rd Street Road near his home.  Here is a picture that accompanied the email:

Hawkins claims this grass is a "visual obstruction". While unsightly, the grass does little more than hide railroad tracks that lie to the right, and in no way impede a motorists view of anything other than the trash that is being thrown from car windows.

Today, Hawkins croaks about an "update" to this very serious situation, and claims that because of "public outcry", the grass is now scheduled to be mowed on September 20th. It's a mayoral conspiracy!!  Expect more shenanigans from District 25's low-rent version of Bozo as election day draws near.

Thanks, Doug, for your vigilance in pursuing this injustice to mankind.  On second thought, you could have cut it yourself and not relied on "the government" to solve your problems.


  1. If Hawkins wants to be outraged about something, how about outrage over the severe lack of sidewalks throughout the district? You know, something that if ameliorated would significantly improve the lives of residents.

  2. This is a State maintained highway and the City of Louisville has teh contract for maintaining it. Since the City is receiving state funds to cut this grass and not doing it isnt that a concern?

    Another way Jerry gets paid and takes the money.

  3. With all the NO votes from Hawkins on issues I am sure the mowing crew just thought that meant NO to the cutting of grass.Hey Doug I cut my right of way grass weekly. Get off your lazy ass and help out.

  4. The grass was going to be cut. It just isn't as high of a priority as other locations because it's not the hazard your grandstanding councilman says it is. What a shame.he chooses to campaign around phony issues, thats really what this is.
    Hey DOUGIE get off your ass and mow the peoples grass!!! Bootstraps!! Self-Reliance!! We The People!!

  5. The needless cutting of so much grass contributes to air pollution and Global warming. Why are we, as a nation, so obsessed with nicely trimmed grass? Tall grass along a roadway does not hurt anything or anyone. This is just a blowhard trying to make himself look good by denigrating others.

  6. Doug Hawkins seems to stay wicked up over non-issues. Kind of weird!