Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Metro News on The Valley Report

- Mayor Abramson, in what could be seen as his final "finger in the eye" to Louisville's police officers, has filed notice appealing a ruling that states officers cannot be charged for take-home cars. I have, quite frankly, lost count of the appeals.  Abramson took a similar stance concerning back payment of overtime for Louisville's professional firefighters. It is worthy to note the mayor's administration has lost each and every appeal, leading FOP President Dave Mutchler to label Jerry's action “a ploy to dump his violation of our contract into the hands of the next mayor so he doesn’t have to handle his business and he doesn’t have to do the right thing before he leaves.”  I think Mutchler's accusation has merit. Shameful.  [CJ]

-  Dr. Adewale Troutman is packing his stuff and leaving his job as Louisville's public health director  for the Sunshine State.  Dr. Troutman says the coming regime change in Metro Hall contributed to his decision to high-tail.  Troutman will be best remembered for Louisville's smoking ban, although that may be unfair to his legacy.  He is a extraordinarily smart man who is off to decidedly greener pastures. Accompanying him is his wife Denise, who is stepping down as president and CEO of the Center for Women and Families. Good luck, Doc. [CJ] [Metro News Release]

- My friends at The Local Weekly will be interviewing Mayoral Candidate Hal Heiner on September 15th and they want your questions. Click the link to participate. [The Local Weekly]


  1. I wonder if Troutman leaving is a sort of admission by the administration that Heiner is likely to win in November.

  2. The Mayor's action is one more of the many actions that he has taken against the workers of the city.He must be removed from the ticket in the state wide race in 2011.Tax payers get the bill for these losing appeals.Hey Jerry, go hike and bike in 2011.

  3. @Steve: The CJ article made it sound as though Troutman hated to leave Louisville, as he and his wife were totally invested in the community.

    Southwest Louisville is the key to winning the mayor's race. Based on what I have seen, if the election were held today, I'd have to say your statement holds much water.

  4. Anonymous: It does seem strange how Abramson doesn't seem to care that what he's doing is likely hurting his party's candidate for mayor.

    Brian: I think those in the know, know where this election is heading. Fischer has boxed himself in, and only he can unbox himself, and it may already be too late.

  5. For that matter, some of Beshear's actions (particularly those taken with respect to the furlough that only state employees know about) are also counterproductive to getting elected as well. He has a zillion advisors, but either he doesn't listen to then or they are clueless too.