Saturday, September 11, 2010

Boondoggle Is Now!

- Monday morning, September 13th, at 10:30am, Democratic candidate for Kentucky State Senate Marty Meyer will hold a Press Conference downtown in front of City Hall on Jefferson Street to announce his pledge to never take a single dime of tax payer money if he is called back to Frankfort in the event the legislature fails to create a budget. That's something that matters to me, and I think it matters to you. Meyer's opponent, career politician Dan Seum, has a race on his hands.

- The Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic Party is circulating an email claiming Republican mayoral candidate Hal Heiner "changes his opinion on the Bridges project depending on who he is talking to." The message goes on to say, "Is Hal incapable of making a stand..taking a position? Or is he just trying to tell people what they want to hear?"

I've been critical of Heiner in the past, even referring to him as Shallow Hal. But to this charge I would say, "At least Hal is capable of forming a real position based on the wants and needs of the community, and may be actually willing to engage people and learn enough about the issues to change his opinion to reflect the will of the voters." What do you think? As Democrat Greg Fischer flips and flops all over the place on card check legislation, privatizing metro government jobs and THE BRIDGES PROJECT, is this a credible attack?  Sound off in the comments section.


  1. Fischer is in trouble. Pointing out Hal's flip flops only brings attention to his own massive screw ups. Who is running the show for the dems?

    This emperor has NO clothes.

  2. I should say...This WANNA BE emperor has no clothes!!!

  3. I've heard both of them speak now, in person, and in my limited experience, Heiner is head, shoulders and half a chest above Fischer. They were speaking before the same organization on separate nights, answering the same questions, and the differences were striking. Also striking was their behavior, Fischer fled out the door as soon as he could, Heiner hung around, talked to people, actually took out a notebook and made notes. (He did, not a flunky.)

    Anyone but me notice that while Dems talk about diversity, Repubs practice it in their own family? Northup had an adopted African-American son, which virtually no one knew until he died tragically, Heiner has an adopted daughter who also appears to be A-A, a very nice young lady. (I assume she is adopted since she is obviously not their biological child.)

  4. 1: Agreed on all points. Fischer acts as though he is the heir to the throne and that attitude is insulting to Louisvillians. He has not wavered in this the whole campaign. It will be but one of the 1000 reasons he loses the second and hopefully last race of his limited political career.

    2: 'Diversity' means more than adopting children of color.