Tuesday, January 27, 2009

City Locked Down After 2 Inch Snowfall

An arrogant, drunken Old Man Winter skidded in sideways and dumped enough snow on Louisville to cancel school today, ruining my forecast and racking up massive gambling debts among those foolish enough to wager real money on the weather.

This situation has begun to wreak havoc on motorists, most of which have given up any attempt at Skillful Driving in Hazardous Conditions. The radio, TV and internet reports are all screaming about non-stop ice and snow alerts and certain death on the roadways. These reports are jangling nerves and keeping otherwise sane people in a condition that renders them unable to operate a motor vehicle. They are all telling us to stay inside and avoid the danger, so you know what that means......

Load up on strong coffee, dress warmly and get in the car for some laps around the city. Have some fun today.

UPDATE: If you are staying around the house today, you can map snow removal progress in your neighborhood. HERE is the link. Have fun.

1 comment:

  1. you should work at the weather center. you were closer that those guys. Your reports are funnier too.