Sunday, January 25, 2009

Valley Report Poll: JCPS Investigation of Max Gilpin's Death


  1. I don't think the coach is responsible for the death of poor Max. Even if he denied water for a few laps - there is nothing wrong with that. The whole thing was an unfortunate fluke. Nothing more. The people that are pimping this for their own gain are the real criminals (and I am not talking about the Gilpin family who are naturally upset and want their child back).

  2. This poll is not about the coach's perceived guilt or innocence. That issue has become too emotionally charged to deal with in this forum, and I will no longer allow discussion of it on The Valley Report.

    This poll is expressly about the manner in which the public school system has handled its investigation of Gilpin's death.

    The family of the victim claim JCPS has termed the investigation as "classified" and is not sharing any results with them. I am asking if you support that idea: That a school system should not involve the family in a death investigation of a student on school property or during a school function.

    I can see both sides in this particular matter as it relates to THE INVESTIGATION. I am asking for your opinion on that issue alone.

    Thanks for commenting and participating in the poll.


  3. Why don't we just ban high school sports and then there will never be anyone EVER get hurt while playing.

  4. That was a stupid thing to say.