Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Morning Blues

-If WHAS11 and the rest of the over-excited, super-exaggerated weather reports are correct, you will die under a blanket of killer snow today. And if you are not killed by the demon snows today, there is a good chance of it tomorrow. Or the next day. Maybe. If everything "goes perfect", as they say. As for me, I have a Storm Window 3000 weather forecasting station, and I predict we will receive less than 2 inches per day. Continue on as normal. You're welcome.

What Louisville needs is a real snowstorm (10+ inches) to put things in perspective. When I was young, a little overnight snow was nothing. We didn't even watch for "closings or delays" unless there was actual snow accumulation. Today, however, there is panic. Stay inside and hide from this snow devil. This too, shall pass.

-WAVE3 has a compelling story on a pharmacy in Shepherdsville that has been robbed 3 times in 2 months. Maybe it is time for the pharmacy to "think security".

-I also want to wish my fellow brother Ironworkers a safe day. Be careful up there this morning.

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