Monday, January 05, 2009

Iroquois-Area Emergency Siren Finally Repaired

It seems that four months was enough time to finally put the issue of the emergency siren near Kenwood Elementary School to bed for good. The siren has been replaced with a modernized model with a battery back-up feature. It has also been moved to a new, nearby location and has twice the range of the old siren that was destroyed during the September windstorm. The city blames the delay on FEMA and the agency's slow approval of a $20,000 funding request. There's no information on the total replacement cost of the siren. There was a concern that citizens in the area were being left vulnerable by the lack of a warning system.

WLKY has the story HERE.

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  1. The city should have replaced it, and then sought reimbursement, not the reverse. Sirens are one piece of the protection web - everyone still needs a weather radio - but it can be a lifesaver.