Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Night Blahhh

- Construction has begun on the addition to Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, hot on the ass of a losing season and calls for the coach's head and first born child. When finished, the stadium will seat 55,000 unsatisfied fans that will be in the parking lot by halftime. That is, if they can afford the tickets. FOX41 has got the story.

- Today was the last scheduled day for operations at the historic Firehouse 7 in Old Louisville. The mayor saw fit to close the firehouse, leaving residents boiling hot. They have sued to keep it open. Stay tuned. See WHAS11 for more.

- Unemployment is reaching staggering levels, with the U.S. losing 2.6 million jobs in 365 days. If you are still working, congratulations. Some of my Republican friends just think the out of work bums should go back to college to get new skills. But you don't need a degree to stock shelves or sell pre-paid cell phones now, do you? The Courier-Journal has all the terrible news.

Have a nice Sunday, and keep the faith.

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