Thursday, January 08, 2009

FOP Wins Another Round; Corrections to Stay on Job

Kentucky Court of Appeals Judge Thomas Wine handed the FOP another win yesterday in a ruling that denied Metro Government's request to collect increased fees from police for the use of take home cars. The FOP claims the city refused to negotiate on what has been a past practice for decades, instead choosing to force another $1200 per year out of each officer in what is, essentially, a pay cut for the "privilege" of using the vehicles. WLKY has the story HERE.

An Excerpt:

Wine wrote that Metro Government failed "to demonstrate irreparable injury prior to resolution of the underlying expedited appeal procedure."

This is the second time Metro Government has lost in court, but don't expect that to prevent them from trying again. Here is my last post dealing with the subject: Valley Report - Judge to Mayor: Pound Sand.

In other Metro Government news, The Courier-Journal is reporting that the Metro Corrections chief has decided not to comply with the mayor's furlough days, saying jail safety would be severely compromised as a result. Corrections Director Mark Bolton says since the city has never divulged what the savings would be for furloughing corrections officers, he doesn't know how much money to try and save through other means. Read the article HERE.

I offer my congratulations to both the FOP and Corrections Officers for sticking together to win these battles. Stay united, and I wish you all continued good luck.


  1. Way to go! The heavy handed Mayor is, one step at a time, being brought down to reality.

    In another matter. Is anyone aware that LG&E is filling the old sand quarry along the Gene Snyder with ash from the power plants? No evidence of a clay liner. No protection of ground water. The quarry is located just north of the freeway about halfway between stonestreet and dixie. Check it out! Tim Keith ( T.S.Keith

  2. Thanks for commenting, and thanks for the info. I'll try to get over there and check out the site and get some pictures of the ash dump.

    Stay in touch!

  3. More info. I've been told the plan is to make a playground there! Maybe they could use sand from the river so the toxic chemicalscan compliment the arsenic. Also some asbestos swings. Cool.
    Tim Keith.

  4. the material that was used is called bottem has been used as a fill in all sorts of construction projects such as bellermines new stadium. a far as i know it is harmless.lg&e gives it away,the only cost incurred is transport.