Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tuesday's Top News

- In what may be a sign that Louisville's Public Libraries are doomed to further cuts, Mayor Jerry Abramson and University President James Ramsey announced yesterday that the University of Louisville's on-campus library is available for use by the citizenry. The reminder came during a windy press conference that, by some accounts, nearly blew Ramsey's comb-over off his head. WLKY has the story, but photos of President Ramsey's curtain-waving coiff remain elusive.

- KY. State Representative Tim Firkins has suggested that legislators take a 10% pay cut in the wake of a massive, half-billion dollar budget deficit to "share in the pain". People with day jobs say the legislature should just go back to meeting every other year, since most don't know the difference anyway. Read the Courier-Journal article HERE.

- Whatever happens with the weather today, please do not freak out and jam on the brakes at the stoplight. If you feel like driving is just too much to handle, stay home. What the hell? You probably still have some "thank you" cards to write for all that stuff you got for Christmas. If you must go out, wait until Wednesday so you can catch this month's Southwest Dream Team meeting at Valley High School. It is from 11:30am - 1pm, and lunch is being served. You will be glad you made it. I always am.

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