Sunday, March 22, 2009

Animal Services Gone To Dogs

The frightful nuttiness continues at Louisville Metro Animal Services, and authorities there are blaming the "dangerous dog" ordinance for their over-the-top actions. WAVE3 has a story on the deputized crew of dog snatchers HERE.

The report details the story of two sisters who contacted MAS to determine what type of license they needed in order to start a small-scale breeding business. The story ends with officials from MAS breaking into the home while the owner was away, snatching the dogs and leaving a search warrant on the door. Is this what was intended when the ordinance was written? Is a Miniature Schnauzer considered dangerous in the language of the ordinance? Is this intrusion legal?

I would like to hear your take on this mess.

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  1. Although MAS regulates in some manner all the animals housed on Noah's Ark, animal regulation seems to be under the radar for most people. I looked at the city website and examined the animal ordinance. It is complex and seems to cover a multitude of issues and requirements.

    I see two issues operating here. MAS does not to do a very good job of explaining themselves to the community. Secondly animal owners and kennel owners must make a good faith effort to find out requirements.

    Operating an unlicensed or business without a permit will lead to trouble. Perhaps both sides can learn from each other?

    Ray W.

    Ray W.