Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Headlines

- Head on over to Broken Sidewalk this afternoon and vote in the BS Neighborhood Derby. The match-up is between South Louisville and New Albany, and as of right now, South Louisville is running behind! Follow the link above and vote today!

- The theme for this year's Pegasus Parade has been set. Thankfully, "Destinations and Discoveries" beat out "Divorce and Depression" by a wide margin.

- The Courier-Journal is reporting that laid-off workers may be eligible for a free class per semester at any of the 16 community colleges in the state. Please take advantage of this valuable program if possible.

- The plans to locate a Qdoba Mexican Grill in front of The Home Depot in Southwest Louisville has been abandoned due to problems with the developer. This does not, however, indicate one will not be built. The search is still on for a suitable location.

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