Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Moose! Rocko! Help the mayor find his checkbook, eh?!

In February, some unethical, foul-ball attorneys for the city presented yet another bogus argument on why Louisville should not have to pay it's firefighters back pay in a serious error involving a miscalculation on overtime. Every court decision thus far has favored the firefighters. This latest one was no exception. The mayor and his boys have tried to run out the clock on this issue, but now the time has come for them to write the long overdue check. An excerpt from an article in today's Courier-Journal states the following:

Louisville firefighters work an average of 56 hours a week, with 16 hours of overtime built into their schedules. Previously, the city had not included those hours in overtime calculations.

Metro government officials have estimated that the city owes firefighters at least $17.6 million, but no official total has been reached. Attorneys for firefighters are asking that their fees and damages and adjustments to pension payments also be included in what the city owes.

City officials did not return phone calls yesterday seeking comment on the latest decision. It is unclear whether they will appeal.
We shall wait and see if the city appeals this decision. Any further challenge by the city is certain to contribute to more ill feelings between the firefighters and the mayor's office, as well as add to already massive court costs caused by the city's refusal to pay what it owes.

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