Monday, March 23, 2009

But Wait...There's More

- More rampant idiocy. Officials at Louisville Metro Animal Services scrambled to come up with an explanation on why they tried to "spay" a male cat. They say it was a clerical error. Meanwhile, the animal is having complications from the botched surgery and the owner is hoping MAS will pick up the tab. WHAS11 has the story HERE.

Can this department be audited, please? Someone needs to get these dopes on a leash.

- Federal mine safety inspectors shut down a coal mine in eastern Kentucky today for the company's refusal to pay fines. This is good news. WAVE3 has it HERE.


  1. Apparently the company continued to operate while squeezing every dime out of the mine before going out of business. One wonders how widespread is this practice, profit before safety?

  2. My comment here goes for both stories-

    SHUT 'EM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!