Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Councilman Blasts Mayor Over Cleanup

Councilman Dan Johnson hopped up on a soapbox today and scalded Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson for his administration's terrible handling of the storm debris clean up process. Johnson, a Democrat representing the 21st District that includes Beechmont, said today that the effort has been mismanaged from the start and that South Louisville had once again been "forgotten" by the mayor's office.

This Saturday, the Beechmont Neighborhood Association is holding a neighborhood festival, and residents fear the debris will still be present during the event. The CJ has the story HERE.

HERE is a link to WAVE3's coverage of Johnson's press conference.

HERE is a link to FOX41's coverage.


  1. It is not so much the the debris that bothers me, it is the the long standing practice by city leaders that have traditionally treated the south and southwest Louisville as the "back of the bus" of the community. Everyone knows it, but how do you prove it. Dan, we've always found it necessary to swim upstream. Thanks for speaking out!

  2. I wonder if this is really Johnson's opening salvo in backing an opponent (Tandy?) to Abramson in next year's Democratic primary.