Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo

- Ever wonder what Cinco de Mayo really is? Click HERE for a complete history lesson.

- The EPA has told power companies that regulation of coal-ash is near. Coal-ash is the waste product produced when coal is burned. The CJ has more HERE.

- The Local Weekly is reporting vendors at the Peddler's Mall at 5138 Dixie Highway are being officially notified the location will close on June 15. The new location will open July 1st at the Shively Center. This is what I reported to you previously, and what most of us had feared. It seems as though the guarantees from civic leaders have been set aside in the name of the almighty dollar. SW Louisville has suffered another serious blow to it's image. Thank you, Seay Properties, for destroying the hopes and dreams of thousands of Southwest residents by leasing this grand building to a flea market. We hope the rent you are getting is worth it the wrath of the community. We do not forget.

One wonders how many more let-downs of this magnitude SW Louisville can handle.


  1. I Agree 110%
    I for one will picket these people at Seay Properties and the peddlers mall. We deserve better places to spend our money. If anyone shops there, shame on them!!!!!!!!

  2. Why is a "Peddler's Mall" so offensive to you? I suspect some level of elitism at work here. If it were called an "Antiques and Collectibles" mall, would you like it better?

    I for one have always enjoyed shopping at the one on Outer Loop, and the one on Dixie by the Catholic high school. The Valley Station store suffers from too few retailers, and often looks grubby, but the same cannot be said of all of the stores. Yes, some of the booths are badly done. This is to be expected when each seller is responsible for their own booth. But you malign the good sellers by associating them with the bad ones. I collect antique china; I can spend hours in such a place, browsing for pieces to complete my sets. It is a pleasant environment to shop in, and I particularly enjoy not having to drive to the east end to browse; I can stop while I'm out near my home. That translates to more money kept locally, in my own neighborhood; to money in the pockets of the neighbors who sell there, and work there.

    Yes, we need a good department store in our area. We also need a good bookseller, and maybe a mall of our own...But for some reason, these "Big" retailers are not interested in us. Focus your ire where it belongs; on shortsighted corporate entities who assume we haven't the wherewithal to buy their wares.

    Why reject "homegrown" retailers in the interim? The peddler's mall will rent retail space to local people selling items with local appeal. I just can't see anything "bad" about such a situation.

    Yes, I admit, I miss Bacon's dearly. But as a former employee of the Dillard's in Shively centre, I can't say I miss that business at all. Poor selection, poor lighting, equipment that dated to the early 1970s, and a corporate structure that treated its employees without decency or respect. The "Bacon's Ladies" that were retained as Dillard's employees saw their hours and wages systematically assaulted in the attempt to part them from their Bacon's retirements. The Shively store in particular seemed to always be shunted with rejected merchandise from the other stores, never treated equally with the mall sites. When I learned they were going under? I was relieved. Good riddance to bad rubbish. For my part? A "Peddler's Mall" is infinitely preferable.

  3. There is nothing wrong with Peddlers Mall. It is a reputable flea/antique market that a lot of people like to shop at. A lot of residents can no longer afford the prices at some of the larger retail stores with our economy in the crisis it is in. I think the Peddlers Mall can offer a lot for this area. Check out the vendors and you will see they are no different from you -- just trying to provide a service to the community while trying to feed their families!