Wednesday, May 06, 2009

PRP Fire Captain To Face Disciplinary Action

According to a report by WHAS11 News, the Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Department has finally decided that it will pursue disciplinary action against Captain Danny Heil. Heil is the moron who dressed as a Klansman and constantly used the "N-Word" in reference to a black firefighter, Chris Glass. Glass has since filed a criminal complaint against Heil.

PRP's Fire Chief has stated the department will conduct a hearing on the matter and determine what punishment Heil should receive. WHAS11's story says Heil is "..charged with misconduct, violation of the professional standards and other ethical standards".

Heil should also be charged with "creating a hostile work environment", because if I were a black firefighter on the receiving end of such nonsense, there would definitely have been some hostile behavior in the fire house that day. The department must take swift action against Captain Heil, not only to restore the citizen's confidence in the integrity of their fire department, but also to assure the rest of the city that Southwest Louisville is not the kind of community that puts up with racism of any type.


  1. Here Here!!
    Good writing and I agree fully.
    What kind of image do we want here in s.w. louisville? Not the one that makes us all look like racist idiots!!!

  2. Is there any update on the incident with PRP Fire Captain Danny Heil, it was all over the new fr weeks and know nothing.

  3. The update is >>> NOTHING the Fire Department has done NOTHING in this CASE

  4. I've known Chris Glass (the plantiff) for the last five years. His nickname is 50% b/c he lies 50% of the time. He's often starting fights, driving drunk, and intermittently in trouble for assult and battery of at least a couple ex-girlfriends. He has a restraining order against him now! I'm not sure if Heil commited a crime; but I do know Glass is racist himself, lies, and is likely just pursuing a settlement.