Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Update: Endless Madness

I am having mechanical difficulties with the hot tub at Headquarters today, so upon submitting the following report I will attempt a more conventional method of relaxation that may or may not involve brewed beverages and some companionship of questionable character. But fear not, your Friday Update is NOW:

- In a passing reference, I had mentioned The Pie Pantry at 9208 Dixie Highway near Johnsontown Road is no longer open for business. I had one comment and a few emails on the subject, so I thought the item should get its own sentence. The Pie Pantry, sadly, is no more. We initially received a rumor that it was to re-open at a different location, but have heard nothing else.

The Pie Pantry, opened with much fanfare, received a write-up in the Courier Journal and was the recipient of several favorable reviews.

- JPMorgan Chase is being accused in a lawsuit of being "at the center" of the Bernie Madoff scheme. In recent years, Chase has been sued more times than the National Enquirer. In case you didn't know how I feel about Chase, click HERE. Also, today (Friday) around noon at the Chase branch in Louisville located on Baxter Ave., there will be a protest by activists bringing awareness to Chase's actions on home foreclosure and the bank's dealings with tobacco farm workers. Read more about that HERE.

Diggity Dave
- In light of the news about the Kentucky Derby Festival people temporarily dropping "Kentucky" from the name this year, it has occurred to me and my Advisory Board that this may be a first step in an attempt to bring in a corporate sponsor for the festival. Example: The 2012 Humana Derby Festival, or The 2013 Humana-YUM! Brands-Advance Auto Parts Derby Festival.

Idea: Let's have the 2011 Jim Butner Auto Sales Pegasus Parade Sponsored By Jim's Towing featuring  Diggity Dave as this year's Grand Marshall. If you're gonna go off the deep end, go big.

I bet you can't wait for the fun to start.


  1. I think it's a terrible idea to drop "Kentucky" from the KDF. However, Churchill Downs is totally behind this - you know they are.

  2. I have read stories in the not-so-distant past that claim CD is/was behind the name change and I happen to believe it to be true.

    Churchill is currently denying that is the case. *cough*

    CD has done everything in their power to ruin horse racing and they have largely succeeded.

    Thanks for writing.

  3. Churchill Downs... lie or obfuscate? Never.

    {cough out a lung}

  4. The Pie Pantry went down hill when their original owners, Vicki & Clayton Hertile, where ran out by partial owner, Byron Clayton.

    The name be look familiar. Reference Claytons Auto Sales near Third Street.