Thursday, February 03, 2011

Searching for Pimp Z's 'Little Black Book', and other Louisville Metro news

- Now that Louisville Metro Animal Services is rid of alleged pimp and rumored scofflaw Wayne Zelinsky, the main question that should be on everyone's mind is: "Where's the 'Little Black Book' of clients?"

If such a thing exists, it may just have the power to destroy the entire city government as we know it, exposing everyone connected to the Derby City VIP operation. Read about the events that lead to Zelinsky's resignation from the agency. Then ask where the black book is being hidden. [Ville Voice] Any thoughts?

- In today's second item of incredible stupidity, a riveting article on the CJ website explains how the brain trust running the Kentucky Derby Festival has decided that it will drop the "Kentucky" part of the name for this year, leaving just the words "Derby Festival".

Among the organization's ludicrous claims for the move: "streamlining promotions".

For perhaps the first time in history, everyone agrees with one another in the 'comments' section. That has to mean something is terribly wrong with this decision.

No word on the fate of the awful Pegasus sport coats yet, however.

- For those of you living within the boundaries of Kentucky's 29th House District: Rep. Kevin Bratcher (R-29) has told me that he "will not vote for" HB281- the measure that would require all cold and allergy medicines containing pseudoephedrine to be available only with a doctor's prescription. A prescription mandate is not an effective law enforcement tool. Bratcher agrees with me in that this is NOT the right way to address our state's meth production problem.

Special thanks to Rep. Bratcher for answering my letter so quickly, and thanks for taking the concerns of your constituents seriously.


  1. Bratcher is a great State Rep. It's a shame that South Louisville will lose him completely to the East End come re-districting.

    In other news, I'm surprised you haven't discovered the closing of The Pie Pantry.

  2. I mentioned the closing of The Pie Pantry in a post last week.