Tuesday, February 01, 2011

King announces appointments to Merger 2.0 Task Force

Metro Council President Jim King (D-10) has announced his four appointments to the Merger 2.0 Task Force.

“Both the Urban Service District and the suburban areas of Louisville will be well represented by these appointments to the Merger 2.0 Task Force,” said King. “These appointees bring merger-specific knowledge and expertise to this challenge.”

King has named Dan Johnson (D-21) and Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5) as the representatives for the Urban Service District. Rick Blackwell (D-12) and James Peden (R-23) will represent suburban areas.

Councilman Johnson is in his 20th year as a member of both the Board of Alderman and the Louisville Metro Council representing south Louisville. Johnson was among the first to suggest a merger of the city and county. He is an expert on City services and can attest to the cut in services seen by residents of the Urban Service District since merger.

Hamilton is a 10 year member of both the Board of Alderman and the Louisville Metro Council. Hamilton represents western Louisville in the Urban Service District. She is a former clerk of the Board of Alderman and has a unique understanding of the needs of constituents in the oldest part of Metro Louisville.

Blackwell is an 8 year member of the Louisville Metro Council who represents a southwest Jefferson County district. He brings a unique understanding of the need for services in the county and the concerns of county residents that they have not experienced the full benefits of merger.

Peden is an 8 year member of the Louisville Metro Council representing areas such as Highview in southern Jefferson County. He is a volunteer firefighter and brings a unique understanding of our volunteer fire districts and how they interact with our City’s fire department.

In addition to these four appointments, President King has recommended three other members of the Metro Council to serve on subcommittees to be created by the task force. They are Councilman Jon Ackerson, Councilwoman Judy Green and Councilman David James.

The President has forwarded his Merger 2.0 appointments to Mayor Greg Fischer. The Merger 2.0 Task Force will be made up of 23 members and is chaired by former Louisville Mayor David Armstrong and former Jefferson County Judge Executive Rebecca Jackson.


  1. Michael A. Priddy Sr.February 11, 2011 at 10:00 AM

    Rick Blackwell who currently resides in the 2nd largest fire protection district in the state of kentucky, and the largest combination department in the state of kentucky really needs to consider the consquences for his actions on this committee. Remember that the first time a merger was mentioned with Louisville Fire, the firefighters went door to door and talked with all the residents of the district to kill the merger. If Blackwell presents himself as pro-merger with LFD, they might decide to go door to door and get kicked out of office.

    Keep in mind the city can talk all they want about merger 2.0. Ultimately it is up to the boards of the districts. If they don't want a merger, there is nothing the city can do. You see suburban FD's are seperate taxing authorities, and regulated by state law. So go ahead and waste your money getting state law changed.

    Peden has already stated he was pro-merger of the fire districts. If I was a member of Highview FD, I would let him know his services with the district are no longer required.

    This is nothing more than a money grab for the city. If you live in a suburban fire district think about all those lovely assets you already bought and paid for being moved downtown. Also, think about how many of your area fire houses being closed down.

    Merger 3.0 will be about garbage pickup days, and which fire houses to close down. Its not worth another 20 cents per hundred on my personal property.

  2. Priddy,

    This is more than just about PRP Fire Dept this about the tax payers equal service for all how live in metro louisville. Yes you have a case of the A** because the last mayor place some one else on the board and no you we get it.

    But your PRP should have became its on city before this all happen and you would have to worrie about it now but you all didn't so there it is.

    As far as money you all waste just as much as anyone else dose and you all keep your little secerts also. Tell the tax payers in station 4 area that there house is only open maybe 16 hrs aweek if that and that at night.

    Stop buying over price take home cars with free gas and ins maint. and there are no Vol let in jefferson county they all are taxed no on there checks they get for services preformed.

    the people in charge in these departments no matter what they are is only out for one thing them selfs and there family and close buddies time for a change.