Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Midweek Updates...HOT!!

- It is expected to be announced today that Louisville Metro Animal Services Director Wayne Zelinsky will be resigning, effective immediately. Alleged pimp and rumored scofflaw Zelinsky has been the target of a relentless campaign by the LMAS Rainbow Bridge project for the poor treatment of animals handled by the city agency while under his watch, among other high-profile shenanigans. [Ville Voice]

- Residents of the St. Denis neighborhood in southwest Louisville are freaking out about the possibility of a zoning change that would allow a very thoughtful and nice woman to operate a transitional home for foster kids who actually want to do something with their lives. When will people learn to fight the fights that need fighting and let the good things happen? [CJ]

- Gov. Beshear used his State of the Commonwealth speech last night to run hard and fast to the political right, whining about federal spending and coal mining regulation in the wake of several high-profile, easily preventable mine disasters. Someone should ask his running mate Jerry Abramson how he feels about those words. Former mayor Abramson's administration accepted millions upon millions of federal dollars in stimulus money, some of which ended up in state coffers. Hey Governor Hair Helmet, my state taxes are higher than my federal taxes. What are you going to do about that? [Barefoot & Progressive]

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