Friday, October 24, 2008

Doug Hawkins - A Reactionary In Heat

Metro Councilman Doug Hawkins is not only a short guy...he's also short on ideas. A closer look reveals no original proposals or legislative priorities, nor any accomplishments during his time in office. Well, unless you count being a reactionary goofball, a camera hog and constantly being on the wrong side of issues to be accomplishments. Hawkins prides himself in being the only "No" vote in a number of instances. This, along with his combative, "go it alone" attitude only shows his inability to make friends, negotiate, and advance his priorities in Metro Hall.

Doug has an agenda. And it probably doesn't include you, unless your name is Jesus. And he wants us to send him to the Kentucky State Senate? I think there are enough egomaniacs there, already. What say ye?

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