Friday, October 24, 2008

Further Resarch on Hawkins Campaign Contributors

After careful examination of the records filed with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance, Doug Hawkins' campaign for State Senate is largely being financed by a list of Louisville's premier knuckle-dragging crowd that believe people rode around on dinosaurs 4000 years ago. "Dr." Frank Simon, Christopher Smrt, Dana Seum-Stevenson, Renay Davis and a few members of the Zoeller family are among the donors, and the State Republicans finally came up with $20,000 for Doug.

Further research on Doug's opponent, incumbent Senator Perry Clark (D-37) reveals a different story. Notable heavyweights such as AFSCME, Asbestos Workers, Sherriff John Aubrey, Boilermakers Union, candidate David Boswell, Plumbers & Pipefitters Union, Teamsters, PVA Tony Lindauer, United Mine Workers, the Women's Network, UPS, UFCW, John Yarmuth, the Kentucky State Democratic Executive Committee and more have all donated money to Sen. Clark's campaign.

In all, it looks as though Hawkins' appeal is limited to the outer fringes of the party; those that hold views slightly to the right of Benito Mussolini, whereas Senator Clark has broad support from prominent members of the labor community and the Democratic party at large. This will translate in to a victory for Clark, and a win for the district.

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