Friday, October 24, 2008

Believe It or Not, There's a State House Race in the 29th District

I know about it, but I would bet few residents in Valley Station realize there is a race this year for the State House of Representatives in the 29th District. You can't blame them. There has been no campaigning in my neck of the woods at all, and we are only 11 days out. Incumbent Kevin Bratcher (R) is running for reelection against Democrat James Sexton. The folks over at have some info on Sexton and you can read his survey responses HERE. Rep. Bratcher did not answer the survey, but has a website. Click HERE to see it. You can contact him via the website.

James Sexton has ran unsuccessfully three other times. He ran for State Senate in the 36th District in 2006, the same seat in the State House of Representatives in District 29 in 2004 and was again a candidate for State Senate, District 20 in 1998. Maybe when this guy finds the right neighborhood to live in, he'll win a race.

It seems the districts boundaries vary so wildly that our area does not really belong in it at all. Take a look at the map. Does Valley Station really belong in a legislative district that spans all the way to far Eastern Jefferson County? What do these areas have in common? I wonder how many factory workers and Ironworkers live in the far East?

It's not the fault of the candidates, but it appears as though we are an afterthought in this election.

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