Tuesday, January 13, 2009

District 12 Dialogue - January 20th

This looks like it could be an interesting get-together. Any time Bud Schardein shows up in Southwest Louisville there could be fireworks. But then again, it could turn out to be a normal neighborhood meeting. One never knows. Besides, Congressman Yarmuth's office is sending a representative. If you live in District 12, try to make this meeting. If you cannot be there, don't worry. The Valley Report will be providing full coverage.

District 12 Dialogues resume on Tuesday, January 20th
MSD Director featured speaker for 7:00pm event

Louisville -- Councilman Rick Blackwell announces the kickoff for the 2009 District 12 Dialogues will be on Tuesday, January 20th at 7:00pm.

"I want to issue an invitation to everyone in the district to come out and meet with me as we continue to address concerns and issues in Metro Louisville," says Blackwell.

The featured guest for this first District 12 Dialogue will be Bud Schardein of the Metropolitan Sewer District. He will discuss future MSD programs during the meeting as well as update current drainage projects and sewer projects that are ongoing.

"MSD has made a great many improvements to our area," says Blackwell. "This is a chance for residents to get the correct information about what MSD is planning with improvements and how it will affect everyone."

The meeting will be held at Conway Middle School, 6300 Terry Road.

Representatives from Louisville Metro Police, the Division of Licensing and Permits, Neighborhoods and other departments of Metro Government will be on hand to answer questions about programs or concerns. A representative of Congressman John Yarmuth's office will also be in attendance.

For more information about the January District 12 Dialogue, contact Councilman Blackwell's office at 574-1112.

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