Friday, January 16, 2009

WHAS = Faux News?

Despite withering bipartisan calls for Louisville Metro Government to "Open The Books" and questionable budget priorities amid a supposed $20 million dollar shortfall, WHAS11 TV has chosen to "investigate" the case of some open windows at Police Headquarters. Be careful. This is riveting television.

See the melodrama HERE.

I am not a media critic, but a ten-year-old can see this type of cheap reporting belongs on "Inside Edition" or "Geraldo", and is not fit for a local newscast. Especially during these times of imminent peril and danger with respect to the dire financial situations and empty mayoral promises many viewers are facing. It is, for lack of a better word, chickenshit.

Sadly, this is what passes for "investigative journalism" at the once-proud WHAS11, and is only more proof that the burden of exposing and reporting the truth on real issues increasingly lies with citizen journalists. With the focus continuing to be placed on head-hunting and the corporate bottom line at Belo, real reporting suffers horribly, and fails the community.

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  1. We need to just collectively turn off the TV when things get this bad.
    It is a shame WHAS has fallen so low.
    What would the Binghams do?

  2. Adam Walzer is too dramatic anyway.